November 28, 2014

6 STEPS to access FREEDOM when you feel restricted

Have you ever felt restricted, overcrowded with limitations in your life or do you feel locked-in to a particular situation? Even if you enjoy your life overall, you could still feel stifled in some areas of your life as in the case of new mothers feeling some overwhelm. No matter what type of situation or transition you are in or exactly how restricted, suppressed, stifled or locked-in you feel, you can use this ridiculously simple method to cope and achieve a sense of freedom in the face of it before it lingers too long and becomes a stubborn energy block.

It is important to remember that there is absolutely a mind-body connection; and not just related to large health issues. Studies have shown that simply sitting up straight will lift your mood compared to slouching which can give you a depressing mood. Similarly, faking a smile even when you are not happy will relax the muscles in your face and allow some tension to subside giving your energetic body enough pause to adjust and align with something closer to happiness. The exercise below is along those same lines. 

Now, while you are experiencing the restrictive emotions, you may already notice that on a physical level, you are having some somatic experiences like tension in the upper back or shoulders or even issues around the throat. These physical issues that manifest are linked to the suppressed emotions in your subtle emotional body. If you do not clear the emotions, the physical issues will come back up when these emotions are triggered.

This is a clearing method in that it helps to integrate the opposite emotion (positive) to offset the negative restrictive emotions. The exercise I am about to share with you helps to usher in a sense of freedom to balance your emotional body and reinforce a positive belief on a subconscious level about the current situation you face.

Here's 6 EASY STEPS to access the INFINITE FREEDOM that is your BIRTH RIGHT. 

1)    Lay down in the center of your bed comfortably. Be sure to remove everything from the bed besides the blanket and pillow.

2)    Stretch out your arms to either side of your body making sure your arms are lined up with your shoulders and arms are straight.

3)    Spread your legs about shoulder width apart and keep them straight if possible.

4)    Relax the muscles in your arms and legs. If you feel a light stretch in your muscles, enjoy this stretch. If the stretch is a bit too much for you then adjust your arms or legs slightly to get comfortable so you can hold this position for a length of time.

5)    Take a few deep breaths holding this position and feel the energy flow throughout your arms and legs.

6)    Affirm “I now access the infinite freedom that is my birthright.”
Affirm this statement as many times as you wish while holding this position. In truth, these restrictive emotions are manifested due to your own limiting thoughts and belief systems. But you can just as easily access the energy of freedom which is available to you if you so choose that to be your reality. This is the power of affirmations.

Repeat this exercise every night and every morning before you rise until you feel the energy of freedom fully integrated into your life. 

Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know on Facebook what you think of this method. 


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