November 14, 2014

The Ascended Mindset for Peace and Ease

Here’s a question I get asked a lot from students inquiring about my classes: “There’s so many energy healing modalities out there these days. I can’t decide which one to take. Is one better than another? What’s the difference?” 

My answer to this and most questions, really, is to go wherever your heart guides you to go. All the different energy healing modalities are wonderful with each having their own power and unique vibration. There really is not a right, a wrong or a better. If you are guided to learn Reiki first, and then you move on to another healing modality, then that’s the perfect journey for you. Another person might feel like skipping Reiki all together (which I have seen a lot of these days) and go right to New Paradigm Multidimensional healing as their first step into the energy healing world and then move on to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  So, again, there isn't a right, a wrong, or a better. There is only YOUR sacred journey. That means with seven billion people in the world, there is possibility for seven billion unique sacred journeys!

When we start thinking with this kind of expanded perspective, we step out of duality, and step into an ascended mindset. This ascended mindset reveals that everything is really perfect and allows your heart to hold respect and compassion for others and yourself. Making decisions from this ascended mindset brings forth more peace and EASE not only for yourself but for everyone around you since there is no judgment involved.

When you follow your heart guidance system and TRUST it, there can be no wrong. Trust is key here because when you start thinking and double guessing your choices, what happens is you've activated your personality which is also your ego, and with that comes doubt, fear, anger, regret, maybe guilt if you haven't done something. When you activate the mind, the personality, the ego, there is a slew of non-loving, non-peaceful emotions that can arise. The best thing to do when you have a decision to make is to follow your heart, to trust it, and not second guess it. Follow through with that decision and then the next time you have to make a decision, you do the same thing. Just follow your heart, go with your guidance, and TRUST. Eventually, you'll be at point in your life where you look back and say, "Hey, I can actually connect all of the dots. I now understand why I was guided to do that five years ago, why I was guided to take that course three years ago. It's all coming together now. It makes sense."

And, that's how your own scared journey unfolds before you. You receive your guidance from your higher self or your team of spirit helpers. You trust them and you follow the guidance. Then your life unfolds for you so beautifully and effortlessly. Isn't that beautiful? And that's what you really want to do – move with the guided flow and not resist it by thinking too much about a decision.

I started answering the original question about how to choose between energy healing modalities (go with your heart), but I have also tapped into a valuable answer to a larger question, I think. The idea of cultivating more peace and clarity by way of taking yourself out of the mindset of duality and ascend to a new perspective of non-judgment and acceptance of divine perfection; holding love and respect for all seven million unique sacred journeys that are out there and love and respect for all beings. With this ascended mindset, there is no room for judgment whatsoever, and when there is no judgment you can find freedom and peace.

May all your decisions come from the space of freedom and peace for the highest good of all!



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