November 25, 2014

Experience God Directly with the Unity Breath

I was first introduced to the Unity Breath meditation by my Reiki Master four years ago. Using the Unity Breath during this early time, allowed my relationship with Mother Earth to deepen. Since that first introduction, I have read about the Unity Breath in Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda and have been taught the meditation again by Drunvalo Melchizedek through his Awaken the Illuminated Heart class. With practice over the years, this wonderful and sacred meditation has allowed me to really connect with God's presence in and around me.  It is truly sacred and has been found to be used by many indigenous tribes around the world including the Aboriginals in Australia, the Maori in New Zealand, the Zulu in Africa, the Hopi, Taos, and Lakota Native Americans, the Kahuna in Hawaii, the Eskimos in Alaska and the Mayans in the Yucatan. 

The Unity Breath meditation connects you with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father forming the trinity with you as the Divine Child. The Divine Mother would be Mother Earth and the Divine Father could be Father sky, the sun or the world grid depending on your preference. 

Below are the steps to achieve the Unity Breath. It may look like a lot of steps but it really isn't. Read through it once to understand the flow of love that needs to happen in the meditation and then jump right in to experience God directly with the Unity Breath.

1) Close your eyes and breathe in deep. Start to relax your muscles.

2) With your inner vision, picture yourself in a beautiful nature scene. It can be mountains, lakeside, beach, or just doesn't matter. Just any nature scene that you connect with and which brings you joy. Feel the love that you have for this nature scene. Let this love for nature swell in your heart.

3) Now, take this love you have in your heart for nature and put it into a ball. Then with your intention, send this ball of love straight down to the core of Mother Earth so that she may feel your love.

4) Next, wait to feel the love that Mother Earth sends back to you! Sometimes this love from Mother Earth is felt immediately but other times it can take a little while for you to feel her love come into your awareness. But know that Mother Earth ALWAYS sends her love to you in return since you are Her child. Sit with this love from the Divine Mother and allow it to fill you up.

5) While maintaining this connection to the Divine Mother, go ahead picture Father Sky. It can be a starry night, the milky way, the planets or simply the moon or sun. Whatever image fills your heart with joy. Allow this love for the Divine Father to swell up inside of your heart.

6) Now, take your love for the Father Sky and put it into a little ball and with your intention, send it up to Heavens so that the Divine Father may feel your love.

7) Wait to feel the love that the Divine Father sends back to you....and He will! Let this love from Him move through your body and fill you up.

8) You are now connected to BOTH the Divine Mother and Divine Father at the same time. With you as their child, the Holy Trinity is formed.

9) Maintaining this connection with both Divine Mother and Divine Father, allow God to come into you and around you. Experience God directly in this way. 

I am so very grateful for the gift of this meditation and for all my teachers past and present.
...And I hope this meditation will be a blessing in your life as well!


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