November 28, 2014

6 STEPS to access FREEDOM when you feel restricted

Have you ever felt restricted, overcrowded with limitations in your life or do you feel locked-in to a particular situation? Even if you enjoy your life overall, you could still feel stifled in some areas of your life as in the case of new mothers feeling some overwhelm. No matter what type of situation or transition you are in or exactly how restricted, suppressed, stifled or locked-in you feel, you can use this ridiculously simple method to cope and achieve a sense of freedom in the face of it before it lingers too long and becomes a stubborn energy block.

It is important to remember that there is absolutely a mind-body connection; and not just related to large health issues. Studies have shown that simply sitting up straight will lift your mood compared to slouching which can give you a depressing mood. Similarly, faking a smile even when you are not happy will relax the muscles in your face and allow some tension to subside giving your energetic body enough pause to adjust and align with something closer to happiness. The exercise below is along those same lines. 

Now, while you are experiencing the restrictive emotions, you may already notice that on a physical level, you are having some somatic experiences like tension in the upper back or shoulders or even issues around the throat. These physical issues that manifest are linked to the suppressed emotions in your subtle emotional body. If you do not clear the emotions, the physical issues will come back up when these emotions are triggered.

This is a clearing method in that it helps to integrate the opposite emotion (positive) to offset the negative restrictive emotions. The exercise I am about to share with you helps to usher in a sense of freedom to balance your emotional body and reinforce a positive belief on a subconscious level about the current situation you face.

Here's 6 EASY STEPS to access the INFINITE FREEDOM that is your BIRTH RIGHT. 

1)    Lay down in the center of your bed comfortably. Be sure to remove everything from the bed besides the blanket and pillow.

2)    Stretch out your arms to either side of your body making sure your arms are lined up with your shoulders and arms are straight.

3)    Spread your legs about shoulder width apart and keep them straight if possible.

4)    Relax the muscles in your arms and legs. If you feel a light stretch in your muscles, enjoy this stretch. If the stretch is a bit too much for you then adjust your arms or legs slightly to get comfortable so you can hold this position for a length of time.

5)    Take a few deep breaths holding this position and feel the energy flow throughout your arms and legs.

6)    Affirm “I now access the infinite freedom that is my birthright.”
Affirm this statement as many times as you wish while holding this position. In truth, these restrictive emotions are manifested due to your own limiting thoughts and belief systems. But you can just as easily access the energy of freedom which is available to you if you so choose that to be your reality. This is the power of affirmations.

Repeat this exercise every night and every morning before you rise until you feel the energy of freedom fully integrated into your life. 

Hope you enjoyed this article and let me know on Facebook what you think of this method. 


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November 25, 2014

Experience God Directly with the Unity Breath

I was first introduced to the Unity Breath meditation by my Reiki Master four years ago. Using the Unity Breath during this early time, allowed my relationship with Mother Earth to deepen. Since that first introduction, I have read about the Unity Breath in Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda and have been taught the meditation again by Drunvalo Melchizedek through his Awaken the Illuminated Heart class. With practice over the years, this wonderful and sacred meditation has allowed me to really connect with God's presence in and around me.  It is truly sacred and has been found to be used by many indigenous tribes around the world including the Aboriginals in Australia, the Maori in New Zealand, the Zulu in Africa, the Hopi, Taos, and Lakota Native Americans, the Kahuna in Hawaii, the Eskimos in Alaska and the Mayans in the Yucatan. 

The Unity Breath meditation connects you with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father forming the trinity with you as the Divine Child. The Divine Mother would be Mother Earth and the Divine Father could be Father sky, the sun or the world grid depending on your preference. 

Below are the steps to achieve the Unity Breath. It may look like a lot of steps but it really isn't. Read through it once to understand the flow of love that needs to happen in the meditation and then jump right in to experience God directly with the Unity Breath.

1) Close your eyes and breathe in deep. Start to relax your muscles.

2) With your inner vision, picture yourself in a beautiful nature scene. It can be mountains, lakeside, beach, or just doesn't matter. Just any nature scene that you connect with and which brings you joy. Feel the love that you have for this nature scene. Let this love for nature swell in your heart.

3) Now, take this love you have in your heart for nature and put it into a ball. Then with your intention, send this ball of love straight down to the core of Mother Earth so that she may feel your love.

4) Next, wait to feel the love that Mother Earth sends back to you! Sometimes this love from Mother Earth is felt immediately but other times it can take a little while for you to feel her love come into your awareness. But know that Mother Earth ALWAYS sends her love to you in return since you are Her child. Sit with this love from the Divine Mother and allow it to fill you up.

5) While maintaining this connection to the Divine Mother, go ahead picture Father Sky. It can be a starry night, the milky way, the planets or simply the moon or sun. Whatever image fills your heart with joy. Allow this love for the Divine Father to swell up inside of your heart.

6) Now, take your love for the Father Sky and put it into a little ball and with your intention, send it up to Heavens so that the Divine Father may feel your love.

7) Wait to feel the love that the Divine Father sends back to you....and He will! Let this love from Him move through your body and fill you up.

8) You are now connected to BOTH the Divine Mother and Divine Father at the same time. With you as their child, the Holy Trinity is formed.

9) Maintaining this connection with both Divine Mother and Divine Father, allow God to come into you and around you. Experience God directly in this way. 

I am so very grateful for the gift of this meditation and for all my teachers past and present.
...And I hope this meditation will be a blessing in your life as well!


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November 24, 2014

Video on how to smudge Crystals

Here's my prayer and process to clear away negative energies that my crystals may have absorbed. Crystals are very sensitive and will absorb negative energies from the space around it. If used for healing clients, you will absolutely want to clear the crystals after one client before using it on another client. If you do not use it for healing others, you will want to periodically clear the crystals because even angry voices in the room will leave behind low vibration energies that the Crystal can absorb. 

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November 14, 2014

The Ascended Mindset for Peace and Ease

Here’s a question I get asked a lot from students inquiring about my classes: “There’s so many energy healing modalities out there these days. I can’t decide which one to take. Is one better than another? What’s the difference?” 

My answer to this and most questions, really, is to go wherever your heart guides you to go. All the different energy healing modalities are wonderful with each having their own power and unique vibration. There really is not a right, a wrong or a better. If you are guided to learn Reiki first, and then you move on to another healing modality, then that’s the perfect journey for you. Another person might feel like skipping Reiki all together (which I have seen a lot of these days) and go right to New Paradigm Multidimensional healing as their first step into the energy healing world and then move on to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET).  So, again, there isn't a right, a wrong, or a better. There is only YOUR sacred journey. That means with seven billion people in the world, there is possibility for seven billion unique sacred journeys!

When we start thinking with this kind of expanded perspective, we step out of duality, and step into an ascended mindset. This ascended mindset reveals that everything is really perfect and allows your heart to hold respect and compassion for others and yourself. Making decisions from this ascended mindset brings forth more peace and EASE not only for yourself but for everyone around you since there is no judgment involved.

When you follow your heart guidance system and TRUST it, there can be no wrong. Trust is key here because when you start thinking and double guessing your choices, what happens is you've activated your personality which is also your ego, and with that comes doubt, fear, anger, regret, maybe guilt if you haven't done something. When you activate the mind, the personality, the ego, there is a slew of non-loving, non-peaceful emotions that can arise. The best thing to do when you have a decision to make is to follow your heart, to trust it, and not second guess it. Follow through with that decision and then the next time you have to make a decision, you do the same thing. Just follow your heart, go with your guidance, and TRUST. Eventually, you'll be at point in your life where you look back and say, "Hey, I can actually connect all of the dots. I now understand why I was guided to do that five years ago, why I was guided to take that course three years ago. It's all coming together now. It makes sense."

And, that's how your own scared journey unfolds before you. You receive your guidance from your higher self or your team of spirit helpers. You trust them and you follow the guidance. Then your life unfolds for you so beautifully and effortlessly. Isn't that beautiful? And that's what you really want to do – move with the guided flow and not resist it by thinking too much about a decision.

I started answering the original question about how to choose between energy healing modalities (go with your heart), but I have also tapped into a valuable answer to a larger question, I think. The idea of cultivating more peace and clarity by way of taking yourself out of the mindset of duality and ascend to a new perspective of non-judgment and acceptance of divine perfection; holding love and respect for all seven million unique sacred journeys that are out there and love and respect for all beings. With this ascended mindset, there is no room for judgment whatsoever, and when there is no judgment you can find freedom and peace.

May all your decisions come from the space of freedom and peace for the highest good of all!



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November 12, 2014

Who's on your Team of Spirit Helpers

You may have read in my bio that I have a team of Spirit helpers that I work with daily. 

Some of my Guides include my deceased Shaman Grandfather, the Beloved Quan Yin, a single floating eye named “Irena”, and my power animal Dragon.  Ascended Master, St. Germaine has recently started working with me this year as I have fully aligned with my life purpose.

So those are my Guides. But did you know that YOU also have a team of Spirit helpers working for you?

Here’s what YOUR TEAM of Spirit helpers might look like:

(1)    Personal Angels:

Everyone has at least two personal Angels that have been assigned to them at birth. Some people may have more. These personal Angels will stay with you for the duration of your lifetime helping and guiding you. They know your life path and the lessons you have chosen to learn and will help you stay on track by aligning with the goals you, yourself, set before incarnating into this life.

(2)    Power Animal: 

Your Power Animal acts similar to a guardian Angel by protecting and guiding you. The animal’s strengths and wisdom will usually be reflected in your own character. Power Animals can be mammals, reptiles, insects, sea creatures or mythical animals like unicorn and dragon. Some people say if you had a favorite animal growing up, that animal is usually your Power Animal. However, it is possible for your Power Animal to change in your lifetime.

(3)    Spirit Guides that have contracts with you:

You may have other Spirit Guides that you have selected before birth to help you at certain points in your life. These Guides will come to you for just that part of your life and then leave you when your work together is done. 

(4)    Called upon Spirit Guides:

If you felt guided to call on Archangels or Ascended Masters, like St. Germaine or Quan Yin, for specific purposes, then they will come and be your Guide for however long you call on them.

(5)    Deceased loved ones:

If you had a strong connection with a deceased loved one before they passed, it is very possible for them to stay with you and guide you from the other side.  

You can connect with your team of Spirit helpers in many different ways. The most common and simplest way is to talk to them through prayer and ask them for the help and guidance that you seek.  While prayer is simple and easy, it is extremely powerful! The prayer in thought form creates one level of vibration. When you speak it out loud, it adds another layer of vibration further energizing the prayer request or intent. This vibration is put out into the universe and the Universe gets to work matching you up with other people, things or situations that are in alignment with the fulfillment of your prayer. Now, if you have a group of people praying for the same thing, the group energy magnifies the request or intent and can manifest very quickly. That’s when miracles show up!

Have you experienced your Spirit helpers?  Do you know how many you have or what their names are? Come tell me over at Facebook!

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My "Backstage Spirit" story

Spirit is always working hard behind the scenes to guide us and keep us safe. At times, they will get really creative to get our attention!

Here's a great story I wanted to share. It was during my first pregnancy. One test showed our son had a high risk for down syndrome. I knew the test result was skewed by my anger towards my husband that I  could not shake at the time of blood test. But my doctor and husband were worried and we got sent to Genetic Counseling so we can basically decide if we wanted to abort. Despite being taken on an unnecessary emotional ride during counseling, I knew deep down that our son was perfectly healthy. I just had to coach my husband's thought pattern so that he didn't downward spiral into accepting it as truth and bring me down with him. All the while this is going on, I had a very old email from years prior keep popping up as unread in my inbox. No matter how many times I marked it as read, this email from 2008 (current year was 2011) kept reappearing as unread each morning for over a month! The email was a short email from an old roommate I had during one of my Goenka meditation retreats. All she had written in that email was "That's what clarity of heart, mind and soul will get you!'.
I took this as Spirit backstage helping me to remember that my thoughts can shift my reality and my son's physical health was fine unless I wavered in my KNOWING of this. This knowing was, indeed, coming from a such deep (and sacred) place in my heart and soul that my mind could never contest it. I stayed faithful to this knowing and the second test showed less risk for down syndrome. Months later, my son was born healthy without any complications. Thank God for Spirit backstage!
Here's another similar story. Recently, a lady was considering taking Reiki classes. The following day, she saw an old email from me marked as unread in her inbox. She took that as a divine sign and contacted me to register for class. ---- I've heard countless stories like these but they never get old! Sometimes, Spirit has guided me using lyrics from songs playing n my head! I love how Spirit can get so creative backstage guiding our lives.

What's your "Spirit Backstage" story? Share it with me on Facebook here.
I'd love to hear from you! 

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