June 3, 2015

Tips to care for your energetic body

The truth is there's more of You out there (outside of your body) than there is inside the physical body. I'm referring to your energy field, sometimes called the aura.

Your energy field is a major part of who you are because your life experiences get imprinted into its subtle layers. Negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions are held in your mental and emotional layers of your aura and can create dis-ease depending on how long you have held or suppressed those thoughts and emotions. Their is a direct link between your energetic body and your physical health. This is the premise for all energy healing modalities including Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and Reiki.  Given this, It is equally as important (if not more) to care for your energetic body or aura as you do your physical body. 

Tip #1 - Daily Chakra clearing 

Chakras are your energy centers. This is where divine light (also known as life force energy or Chi) comes into your Being to support a steady flow of health, peace and vitality. You have chakras, small and large, all over your body. Many are most familiar with the seven main chakras which are the largest that run along the spine. It is important to regularly clear negativity from these chakras and balance them so that your flow of divine light does not diminish over time creating a more difficult life experience. 

I personally used Chakra Clearing (CD) from Doreen Virtue when I first started actively caring for my WHOLE being nine years ago. There are many others available these days to choose from. Choose with your heart and get cleared daily!

Tip #2 - Cleansing Aura Sprays

First, let me say that you can simply spray water around yourself and it will help your energy be more grounded by bringing in more negative ions (similar to salt lamps). Water alone is one great aura spray! --- But a few years after I started managing my chakras on a regular basis, I discovered the power of the Crystals (mineral kingdom) and essential oils (plant kingdom) and have fallen in love with them! 

I started making my own aura sprays with purified water, crystal essences and essential oils to clear and recharge my energetic body. For example, if I get a bit of road rage (as I sometimes do driving in NYC!), after I get out of the car, I quickly spritz the aura spray around my body, front and back, with the intention to clear and cancel all negativity from the car ride.  The very high vibration from the crystals and oils lift up any low vibration that may be residing in my energy field to match that of its higher vibration. --- And since I loved how my aura sprays worked for me, I decided to share it with the world through my shop so you can care for your energetic body this way too. 

So those are two quick tips to balance your energetic body. Let me know what you think or if you have different practices you life. Comment below or write me on Facebook.

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