April 3, 2015

Joy Infusing Quick Guide [2 STEPS]

It’s more than happiness.

Joy is the energy of love that lifts your vibration to embrace God.

All the things around your home, office or other living space that bring you DEEP JOY activate the remembrance of joy as your true nature and ignites your soul.

When you repeatedly see these joy activators throughout the day, your vibration is lifted and sustained in the energy of joy. That is why I recommend having lots of joy activators in your living space, especially the bedroom since that is the first space you see when you wake up!

Joy activators are anything that bring a BIG smile to your face AND heart! It can be a picture of grandchildren, a soft blanket that brings you comfort, or simply colors that make you happy.

As the Spring season arrives (here in the northern hemisphere), many of you may be doing some Spring cleaning around your home. Why not take this opportunity to assess what brings you joy and what does not around your home. Then add more Joy Activators!

“Joy Infusing Quick Guide for the Home”

Step # 1 – Assess your living space and REMOVE objects that bring up negative memories or emotions

Step #2 – Add more joy activators into your living space

Joy activators can be old paintings or pictures you love but have kept up in the attic OR it can be a piece of furniture you have dreamed of but never treated yourself to….OR better yet, something you create from scratch with various materials that bring you joy! Choose whatever lights you up…

Here are some of my Joy activators in my home:

From left to right: 

(1) A painting I created to describe the divine embrace I felt when my soul recognized my husband’s soul the first time.

(2) This is a re-purposed clock that I wrapped in gold and teal papyrus paper. I love this print and placed in the abundance corner (Feng Shui) of my home because of the gold color.

(3) A collage I made from some beautiful chakra images I found in a book.

Wishing you infinite sparks of joy!
Renee Li


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