January 31, 2015

Start to Channel Spirit on the fly!

Archangel Gabriel has been a champion for my ascension and my work on this planet. He actively started working with me or at least started making his presence known to me in mid to late 2014. When he is working with me or in my energy field, I feel a slight pressure in the middle of my chest that’s about 4 inches wide and feels like an expansion of energy funneling from the center outward.

Archangel Gabriel graced me with a message last week directing me to write about "automatic writing" specifically. He explained that I am able to have this communication with him in this manner with such efficiency and ease because I have done the work to remove the mental barriers to trust. He referred to my extensive work with automatic writing nine years ago. He said the automatic writing at that time was my practice to start to understand and know what it felt like to have no barriers in spirit communication. But during that time, it took a lot of EFFORT (at first) to create the EMPTY canvas in my mind so Spirit can write on it without my ego or any part of my human mind getting in the way with questions and doubt. Back then, nine years ago, I listened to a lot of Doreen Virtue and was a bit addicted to Hay House Radio and their archive. Doreen Virtue or one of the other hosts had mentioned automatic writing a few times and it intrigued me. So I tried it out for myself. They instructed me to just let go of my mind and write whatever comes up without thinking of what the full sentence may be. I am a computer person so I tried this at the keyboard for my Twitter account and started tweeting out Angelic messages daily, multiple times a day back in 2006. My number of twitter followers jumped from 100 to 2000 organically within 6 weeks of automatic writing! This was because they were drawn to hear these messages and these messages were meant for them. Here’s how I did it:

I would literally visualize a clean canvas in my mind. This visualization helped to keep my mind and my own personal thoughts at the edge of this canvas and my mind respected this boundary I had set. Then I waited. I waited for any and all words to appear on this clean canvas while my fingers were ready at the keyboard to type away. Then as they appeared, I would write down each word or words without any judgment. At times, I remember thinking (in the background) “hmmm…what could this be” but my thoughts did not go any further than curious observation so my ego was kept at bay. This allowed the spirit messages to continue to flow onto the empty canvas. It would just be a few words at a time and as soon as I typed them, more would appear and the old words would be gone. Now, when I say the words appeared and disappeared I don’t mean visually. The words were not written on the empty canvas and I did not see it with my mind’s eye, they were more like thoughts. But the visualization of the empty canvas was important for me to TRAIN my mind and ego to stay to the side.

This was also good practice for me to trust and DISCERN what was spirit communication and what was my own personal thought.

As I said before, the words that appeared to me were not in written form for my inner eye to see but rather thoughts that appeared in my mind which did not originate from my human mind. Who were they from, I did not know and did not ask then. I just assumed it was from my personal Angels since I prayed to them daily at that time in my life. (But when you do this work, you can certainly ask and they may very well tell you!) The craziest thing was that these thoughts from Spirit sounded and felt like my own thoughts. You know when you are thinking in your head, it’s like your voice talking to yourself, right? It sounds like YOU. So it was very interesting and necessary for me to have both the Spirit communication come through while my own mind was making active observation notes (without ego) on the sidelines. Most of the time it was curiosity and amazement; for example, while I was performing automatic writing (or channeling Spirit), I would be thinking okay, what is this going to be? or as the sentence/thought started to fully take form in the writing, I would say to myself wow, that’s good stuff!. LOL. So I started to discern my own personal thoughts that were taking place simultaneously as the spirit communication was flowing through my mind. In many cases, the spirit communication was not language or words that I might have used to say the same thing. That usually is a good indicator for me that it’s Spirit talking. 

Discernment is very important for different reasons: 

(1) You want to make sure you can tell apart the Spirit voice from your own voice/ego because the Spirit communication WILL most likely sound like YOUR OWN VOICE.  Then learn to TRUST the Spirit voice in your head. No judgments. No doubts. And please do not think that you are crazy! This is where most people fall off the wagon. People who are new to psychic abilities have this notion that hearing Spirit in your head will sound different as if someone else is literally in your head. But this is not true for most people. For me, only deceased loved ones sound different from my voice...they sound they way I remember them when they were alive. But most ascended masters who speak to me sound like my own voice in my head which is why I have learned to always ask who is speaking.(2) You want to make sure it is a Spirit of high vibration speaking for the highest good of all. So a prayer of intent is necessary here. Before any attempt to communicate with Spirit, you should ask for communication to only come from high vibrational beings or be specific and ask for Jesus to talk to you. If any of the messages do NOT feel good or feel right to you then trust your gut instinct and disconnect from the communication session by simply saying "disconnect".

Now, try out the steps below for yourself and start channeling your higher self, Angels or other Spirit Guides on the fly! These are the same steps I took nine years ago which helped me flex my psychic muscles so that I can have easy effortless communication with Spirit today.

1) Take a few deep breaths and center yourself in the present moment.

2) Say a prayer of intention or just ask Spirit to write through you . When I was tweeting, I used to say Dear Angels, what should I write today? What is it that these beautiful souls on Twitter need to hear now? (Note: I intended to connect with my personal angels so that is what came through. Be clear with your intentions on connecting with high vibrational beings only)

3) Visualize a clean empty canvas in your mind. Or you can see something wiping the canvas clean if you cannot get to the empty canvas right away. Intend for the canvas to stay clear for Spirit communication to flow.

4) Then wait and be patient. Do not let your thoughts of impatience or doubt get in the way.

5) Whatever comes up for you, write it down on paper or keyboard (whatever you prefer) and just keep writing. It may not be full complete sentences in the beginning, or perhaps it will be for you.

6) Always observe and discern what is your thought and what is the communication from Spirit. Notice how Spirit communication can sound like your own voice. Practice discernment here so you can easily TRUST the Spirit communication.

This trust and the practice of flexing these psychic muscles are key to developing your ability to channel Spirit messages on the fly. Have fun practicing!


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January 23, 2015

How to know your vibration level

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing the same question from several people. “How do I know what vibration level I am in”? ---- To answer the question, I thought I would illustrate it by sharing with you David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness here.

This scale shows you the Hz frequency range that certain emotions vibrate within. The heavy emotions of shame, guilt, apathy and grief put you in a contracted state of being which is very low in vibration. While it’s not on David’s illustration here, depression would certainly fall in this category as well. Being at this low vibration almost takes you OUT OF THE GAME depending on where you are exactly. It’s a place where the Angels cannot reach out to you. When they try to nudge you and guide you while you are in this state of being, you simply will not hear their call through the very dense low energy you are vibrating in.

When you experience the state of acceptance, love and joy, you are in a more expansive state of being which raises your frequency level; your vibration. It is less dense; much lighter in energy and vibration. This is the direction that will take you closer to God consciousness or enlightenment.

So how do you know what vibration level you are in? Just FEEL it. When you are angry, you feel the heaviness in your stomach, your breathing is less deep, or you might feel the constricted in the chest.  These are all signs of a contracted state of being or low vibration. ---- When you feel happy and joyful, you will feel lighter and breathe deeper. These are signs of an expansive state of being or high vibration.

Do you fluctuate? Yes, some of us probably fluctuate more times in a day than we can count. Your vibration level changes with your emotions and thoughts. Until you reach enlightenment, you will fluctuate a bit because you are living this 3 dimensional life and where impermanence is a law; Its nature is to constantly change and so your emotions follow suit with life’s ever changing situations.  So don’t beat yourself up over it…it will only bring your vibration down! Just accept it and love yourself in the face of it all. 


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January 21, 2015

My BIG FAT Name Change

In my end of year email to my subscribers, I was sharing how my Spirit Guides directed me to change many things in 2014 including my business model and MY NAME……and showed me a more expansive life mission that I was to fulfill. So now I want to go into WHY Spirit guided me to change my name and how I felt about it.

It was actually during my time with the Cosmic Christ that I was told it would be in my best interest to change my name. If you haven’t read blog about my Time with the Cosmic Christ, you can do so here. It was an experience of a lifetime!

[ This will be a bit of a long story so if the suspense is killing you, you can go see my new name in the second to last paragraph of this email but do come back and read the full story because I think you will like it and perhaps find some value in it for you. ]

The Cosmic Christ and friends (many were there to support me and show me love) reflected back on the hard time I had in my early life through my young adult life when I felt like I did not belong in this country, America. It was true. I immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five and my feelings living as an Asian American caused me much internal conflict, confusion and anguish. In my college days, I identified with the civil rights movement and a community that called themselves the hyphenated identities.  The anger from the feeling of not belonging in my own country did not dissipate until after I had children in my Thirties.

The Cosmic Christ also said on some level, my soul does not feel like it belongs on Earth all together. This was also true.  Beyond the civil rights movement, I felt much anguish over the human rights abuses that were taking place all over the world, including my homeland of Burma! I was very active in the Burmese democracy movement, was elected Board Member of US Campaign for Burma and worked for the non profit, Human Rights Watch, for a few years. On a soul level, I could not comprehend the amount of hatred that mankind showed each other and it really troubled me (I guess deeper than I realized at a conscious level).

Because of these feelings of not belonging in America and not wanting to be here on Earth, I was told by the Cosmic Christ that I actually am NOT here in this country even though my physical body is and that I should change my name to an American name to get myself back into body and IN AMERICA. This was very important apparently because I was told the work that I need to fulfill in my life has to be done here in the U.S.  but it’s not necessarily the U.S. as we know it on this 3rd dimensional plane. The U.S. sits on the land that is a solar king and holds the light for all creation.  So this is the brief version of why I have to change my name and Americanize it.

During this conversation with the Cosmic Christ, I actually felt drawn to change my WHOLE name including my hyphenated married last name and my middle name. I was energetically ready for this entire name change. In hindsight, I can see I was actually ready for this change all year long. I had already started to un-identify myself with my name Kheng Chow-Li for whatever reason (perhaps it was because I was identifying myself more with “Mommy”). 

In mid-2014, I heard what my Spirit name was (Rising Dragon) plus I heard another name that I later learned from the Cosmic Christ is a name of another aspect of me somewhere else outside of Earth. So given that I have different names for the different aspects of my Spirit not to mention the countless names I had in my numerous past lives on Earth, it was not an issue for me now to take on a new name. If I was given this direction to change name back in 2013, I would have resisted and made many excuses because I was still identifying myself, very much, as Kheng Chow-Li back then (ego and all).

The time NOW is right and I am ready to embrace the sense of belonging, the full sense of purpose and more importantly the sense of freedom that will come with this new name. Is the suspense killing you?

Here it is….I Am Renee Faith Li. The name Renee was offered to me by my Spirit Guides after weeks of trying to find a new name that aligned with my kids’ names and husband’s name from a numerology perspective. I do love my numerology! --- When I did the numbers for Renee, it was a perfect match for everyone in my family. Afterwards, I learned Renee meant reborn and I had to chuckle. Spirit is so clever! As for the middle name, I probably won’t use it much but I picked Faith because I just like it!

From now on, all my emails to you and my name of Facebook and website will read Renee Li. Thank you so much for reading my story and for all your love and support this past year online and offline. I appreciate you and work hard for YOU!

Love and light,

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January 15, 2015

Create more money! Buddha speaks...

Last night, Lord Buddha visited me and spoke to me about my attitude around finances and not having complete faith that God will provide for all that I need. He said “Why do you think we cannot support you financially when we supported your entire existence into being.”

What do you say to that???

Nothing. It’s completely true. How can we doubt that the Creator who gave us life and created this planet, galaxy and all the cosmos cannot provide us with the finances we need on this little 3rd dimensional plane…more specifically the finances we need to do the work he asked us to do on Earth (speaking to my lightworkers!).

There may have been times when you’ve said “God’s looking out for me!” when you had an unexpected windfall of money. There may have been times when you’ve asked God to help you with money situations but you felt he did not come through for you. I bet you have experienced this inconsistency throughout life. I sure had my ups and downs.

Well, in those situations where you felt God did not provide what you needed, it could be one of two things: (1) it just wasn’t in your divine plan to have that thing or move in that direction OR (2) you BLOCKED the money flow that God meant for you to have. For the majority of people, it is the latter. We do not realize our own power as co-creator of our lives.

Your ATTITUDE about money makes all the difference! What you believe is SO! That is the power of You......what you believe is SO!

If you feel like (1) you do not have money, (2) you don’t deserve money, (3) you can’t make money, or (4) you don’t or can’t make enough --- like you can only make enough to get by, these negative thoughts become hardened beliefs in your core matrix. These beliefs FILTER out whatever does not align with it as truth. Can you see how this gives you the power to create your life? This is exactly what Dr. Wayne Dyer has been preaching for so many years…”change your thoughts and change your life”.  Your thoughts are your power. Shift your beliefs and shift what flows into your life. It does take work to shift your beliefs and turn them into positive attitudes about money. One positive affirmation will not budge your hardened belief in your core matrix. But with the awareness that you CAN change your belief and the commitment to using affirmations to change it will bring you much happiness and empowerment. YOU CAN DO IT! How?

I called it “Kheng’s belief imprint method” in my free Third Eye Activation e-book.  Basically, I am going to ask you to repeat a statement over and over again at bedtime every night (and if possible, until you fall asleep!). This method is designed to imprint your subconscious during sleep with a desired new belief. Please NOTE that this method is UNLIKE other affirmation work where you are told to put feeling behind the words because that’s what pushes it into manifestation. With my Belief Imprint method, you do NOT need to worry about trying to insert feeling behind the statement. You want to simply state the words in your mind like a chant and allow yourself to relax and drift off to sleep. You do not need to visualize anything either. However, if visualization is natural for you and it comes up, it is fine as long as you are able to drift off to sleep.

Doing affirmations with feeling is a powerful way to create in the physical world OUT there. My Belief Imprint method is a powerful way to transform beliefs withIN you and your core matrix.

Now, what is this going to really do? It’s going to accelerate the speed at which your old negative belief systems can be transformed into positive beliefs that support your financial healing. I used this method personally over a course of a year with some different statements and it resulted in big shifts for my life. The very first statement I worked with was extracted from a Wayne Dyer book and it was “I am Spirit having a temporary human experience.” I repeated this  every night in bed until I fell asleep for over a month and each week that went by, I had an Aha-moment and got a deeper perspective on the statement and in turn a new outlook on life.

The speed in which I was shifting to newly desired beliefs was so fascinating to me that I kept using this method all year dedicating at least 4 weeks to every statement. I have mainly focused on my spiritual development when using this method for the past 3 years but now I am ready to use this for the financial area of my life. I challenge you to do the same!


Relax into bed and get ready for a good night’s rest.

  1. Center yourself with a deep conscious breath
  2. Say the ONE of the following statements that resonate with you most:
    1. “I am provided for always in all ways”
    2. “God provides for me now and always”
    3. “I have more than enough money for all that I need and want”
    4. “Money continuously flows to me now and always”
  3. Repeat this affirmation over and over again until you fall asleep                                                                                                                                        
When you repeat one of the statements above every night using the Belief Imprint method, you will be clearing any and all blocks you may currently have around Finances. Commit to changing your attitude around finances this year and claim the EASE, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE that you deserve!

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January 13, 2015

How to stay in your heart and out of your head!

Throughout the day, some days, many of us become off-balanced from things like stress at work, feeling jealous with a partner or getting angry at that one relative that always seems to get on your nerves....its kind of the norm for some of us (sadly). We have learned to live with the cycles of stress, anger, worry, etc.
But did you know you can train yourself to stop the, sometimes vicious, cycle and bring yourself to balance more quickly?
Yes, it is trainable! (...I don't know if that's a real word)
Anyway, I want to share with you an easy exercise that will train you to be in your heart and not your head or ego. This will also help you PAUSE and re-center anytime you feel like you are becoming off balanced during the day.

So here is the easy exercise that I challenge you to do every morning and every night, take these quick four steps below:

1) Close your eyes and bring your hand to your heart

2) Take a few deep breaths to connect with your heart in this way

3) State one thing you are thankful for in your mind and connect to it. The energy of gratitude will open up your heart center.

4) Observe what you feel in your hand, in your heart, in your chest. Then observe your thoughts.

When you use this exercise daily, you are conditioning yourself to go into your heart center every time you place your hand on your heart. So the next time you start to sense anger, worry, jealousy, stress, etc come up in yoru energy field, simply put your hand to your heart and see how that SHIFTS your emotions back to center.

Most likely, you will start to see that your thoughts of anger, judgment, guilt (whatever it is) start to slowly dissipate. This means that your anger may lighten up and your perspective may SHIFT slightly just enough so you can consciously and actively choose how you wish to respond to a particular situation or respond to your own auto-pilot thoughts.

When you can quickly center yourself in your heart like this you end up pausing and speaking / acting from the space of love for the highest good of all involved. Practice this easy exercise daily and you will see that you will be able to heart center quicker over time and at other times, you won't need to place your hand to your heart at all because you have trained yourself energetically to notice the imbalance and pause automatically!!

Have fun with it and as always, I want to know how it works for you. Come on over to Facebook and let me know.


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January 11, 2015

How to make your Singing Bowl SING!

As I bring my Tibetan singing bowl around to my events, people interested in my bowl ask me how to play it. Many people find it hard to get the hang of it right away. It took me a few days of practice until I learned how to play it and really feel the flow of the sound and the bowl. Since this has been a frequent question that has come up, I decided to make a quick video on how to make the Tibetan Singing Bowls sing. I hope you enjoy and if you have questions, ask me!.

 Click here

Click here for video if above image does not link
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