January 23, 2015

How to know your vibration level

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing the same question from several people. “How do I know what vibration level I am in”? ---- To answer the question, I thought I would illustrate it by sharing with you David Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness here.

This scale shows you the Hz frequency range that certain emotions vibrate within. The heavy emotions of shame, guilt, apathy and grief put you in a contracted state of being which is very low in vibration. While it’s not on David’s illustration here, depression would certainly fall in this category as well. Being at this low vibration almost takes you OUT OF THE GAME depending on where you are exactly. It’s a place where the Angels cannot reach out to you. When they try to nudge you and guide you while you are in this state of being, you simply will not hear their call through the very dense low energy you are vibrating in.

When you experience the state of acceptance, love and joy, you are in a more expansive state of being which raises your frequency level; your vibration. It is less dense; much lighter in energy and vibration. This is the direction that will take you closer to God consciousness or enlightenment.

So how do you know what vibration level you are in? Just FEEL it. When you are angry, you feel the heaviness in your stomach, your breathing is less deep, or you might feel the constricted in the chest.  These are all signs of a contracted state of being or low vibration. ---- When you feel happy and joyful, you will feel lighter and breathe deeper. These are signs of an expansive state of being or high vibration.

Do you fluctuate? Yes, some of us probably fluctuate more times in a day than we can count. Your vibration level changes with your emotions and thoughts. Until you reach enlightenment, you will fluctuate a bit because you are living this 3 dimensional life and where impermanence is a law; Its nature is to constantly change and so your emotions follow suit with life’s ever changing situations.  So don’t beat yourself up over it…it will only bring your vibration down! Just accept it and love yourself in the face of it all. 


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