January 15, 2015

Create more money! Buddha speaks...

Last night, Lord Buddha visited me and spoke to me about my attitude around finances and not having complete faith that God will provide for all that I need. He said “Why do you think we cannot support you financially when we supported your entire existence into being.”

What do you say to that???

Nothing. It’s completely true. How can we doubt that the Creator who gave us life and created this planet, galaxy and all the cosmos cannot provide us with the finances we need on this little 3rd dimensional plane…more specifically the finances we need to do the work he asked us to do on Earth (speaking to my lightworkers!).

There may have been times when you’ve said “God’s looking out for me!” when you had an unexpected windfall of money. There may have been times when you’ve asked God to help you with money situations but you felt he did not come through for you. I bet you have experienced this inconsistency throughout life. I sure had my ups and downs.

Well, in those situations where you felt God did not provide what you needed, it could be one of two things: (1) it just wasn’t in your divine plan to have that thing or move in that direction OR (2) you BLOCKED the money flow that God meant for you to have. For the majority of people, it is the latter. We do not realize our own power as co-creator of our lives.

Your ATTITUDE about money makes all the difference! What you believe is SO! That is the power of You......what you believe is SO!

If you feel like (1) you do not have money, (2) you don’t deserve money, (3) you can’t make money, or (4) you don’t or can’t make enough --- like you can only make enough to get by, these negative thoughts become hardened beliefs in your core matrix. These beliefs FILTER out whatever does not align with it as truth. Can you see how this gives you the power to create your life? This is exactly what Dr. Wayne Dyer has been preaching for so many years…”change your thoughts and change your life”.  Your thoughts are your power. Shift your beliefs and shift what flows into your life. It does take work to shift your beliefs and turn them into positive attitudes about money. One positive affirmation will not budge your hardened belief in your core matrix. But with the awareness that you CAN change your belief and the commitment to using affirmations to change it will bring you much happiness and empowerment. YOU CAN DO IT! How?

I called it “Kheng’s belief imprint method” in my free Third Eye Activation e-book.  Basically, I am going to ask you to repeat a statement over and over again at bedtime every night (and if possible, until you fall asleep!). This method is designed to imprint your subconscious during sleep with a desired new belief. Please NOTE that this method is UNLIKE other affirmation work where you are told to put feeling behind the words because that’s what pushes it into manifestation. With my Belief Imprint method, you do NOT need to worry about trying to insert feeling behind the statement. You want to simply state the words in your mind like a chant and allow yourself to relax and drift off to sleep. You do not need to visualize anything either. However, if visualization is natural for you and it comes up, it is fine as long as you are able to drift off to sleep.

Doing affirmations with feeling is a powerful way to create in the physical world OUT there. My Belief Imprint method is a powerful way to transform beliefs withIN you and your core matrix.

Now, what is this going to really do? It’s going to accelerate the speed at which your old negative belief systems can be transformed into positive beliefs that support your financial healing. I used this method personally over a course of a year with some different statements and it resulted in big shifts for my life. The very first statement I worked with was extracted from a Wayne Dyer book and it was “I am Spirit having a temporary human experience.” I repeated this  every night in bed until I fell asleep for over a month and each week that went by, I had an Aha-moment and got a deeper perspective on the statement and in turn a new outlook on life.

The speed in which I was shifting to newly desired beliefs was so fascinating to me that I kept using this method all year dedicating at least 4 weeks to every statement. I have mainly focused on my spiritual development when using this method for the past 3 years but now I am ready to use this for the financial area of my life. I challenge you to do the same!


Relax into bed and get ready for a good night’s rest.

  1. Center yourself with a deep conscious breath
  2. Say the ONE of the following statements that resonate with you most:
    1. “I am provided for always in all ways”
    2. “God provides for me now and always”
    3. “I have more than enough money for all that I need and want”
    4. “Money continuously flows to me now and always”
  3. Repeat this affirmation over and over again until you fall asleep                                                                                                                                        
When you repeat one of the statements above every night using the Belief Imprint method, you will be clearing any and all blocks you may currently have around Finances. Commit to changing your attitude around finances this year and claim the EASE, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE that you deserve!

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