November 20, 2015

Shifting awareness from FORM to FORMLESS

Have you ever thought, “What is the difference between awakening, ascension and enlightenment”? 

For many people, it seems like they are interchangeable terms when we speak about our spiritual journeys. But after some meditating on it, here is what felt right in my heart and the easiest way to explain it is to go backwards starting with enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a state of Being where you experience oneness and become a part of the all knowing consciousness. In this state of Being, you are so connected to Source that you become telepathic and just know what people are thinking and feeling without them expressing it verbally. You merge back consciously into your Source or place of cosmic birth. This experience is commonly described when someone goes through a near death experience (NDE).

Ascension is the journey to get to that state of Being called Enlightenment. This journey for some can be very long depending on the person’s karma, the lessons he/she needs to learn and their level of resistance to those lessons.

Awakening is but a moment in time where a glimpse of the larger picture that is Divine sparks a curiosity and a hunger for something that feels like Truth and Home.
This journey from awakening to ascension and then to enlightenment is an expanding journey of the consciousness. It can also be seen as shifting our awareness from FORM to FORMLESS.

Prior to awakening, we are so anchored in our skin suit living in the world of flesh. The physical form is so real and precious. After awakening, we get a glimpse that there may be more to life than just what our physical eyes can see. There may be more to life than just the human form.

As we reach higher consciousness, we start to connect with our Spirit Guides and know the guidance we receive from them to be from a higher “more-knowing” or “all-knowing” perspective. We, now, believe more in the FORMLESS than the FORM.

This is key to helping us move through the ascension journey and transcend this 3D plane of duality. So how can we shift our perspective from form to formless? Below are three steps you can take to eliminate what I see as buffers that keep us living in the hologram of form.

1) Detox the body by eliminating fluoride from your drinking water—the fluoride calcifies your pineal gland which is the physical hoe of your third eye and creates a glass ceiling on your journey to connect deeply with Spirit. You can implement this step by getting a reverse osmosis (RO) machine hooked up to your house water supply. RO machines are easily accessible and can be found on Amazon and at Home Depot.

2) Detox the home by creating a negative ion rich environment. Cell towers, Wi-Fi, Cell phones, TV, anything man-made electric emits negative electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or positive ions which are not healthy for the physical body when it is in large doses AND not helpful for connecting with Spirit. You can call it interference. Humans have a natural God-given EMF which is commonly called the Aura. When the man-made EMF comes into contact with the natural EMF that is us, it wreaks havoc on our energy field and disrupts our ability to deepen our connection to Spirit.

It’s important to neutralize the positive ions with negative ions that can be found in Himalayan Salt Lamps or you can just spritz water more often around your home. Water contains tons of negative ions which is why we feel so refreshed after a bath, by the ocean or at a waterfall. I also use Orgones and Crytals, like black tourmaline, to shield my home from all the positive ions.

City dwellers have a harder time shielding their home environment because even if you turn off your wi-fi at night, you are still bombarded by the neighbors’ wi-fi. So if at all possible, it would be advisable to move away from the city.

3) Detox your energy field by managing your vibration. Do not go into fear! As you venture onward and upward through your spiritual journey, you will bump up against the unknown often. It is important to stay in the space of love and know that all things are simply God and that you are indeed always safe in Him. 

The energy of fear in you will actually limit your access to God!

Smile in the face of fear and shift my perspective to see the light in it. See God in all things including the things or people you fear most! 

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Only God and only ever God

I want to share with you three wisdom teachings I was reminded of during my recent time with the Cosmic Christ. I pray these words and its light codes bring healing and Good into your life now.

1) Only God and only ever God

This is a Cosmic fundamental Truth and the key to freedom. God is in all things; in all people, in all animals, God is in the ocean, the sky, the wind, God is even in the crimes we commit. For there cannot be anything without the presence of God. God is ALL. God gives ALL and God gives you choice.

It may be very difficult for some of you to see that even in the act of murder, there is God. Nothing happens without God doing it. Some acts of murder are acts of MERCY while others are just dead wrong. But there is only God and only ever God.

(Karma, restoring balance and harmony is personal responsibility that is still necessary but the Truth remains that there is only God and only ever God)

When one can understand that everything is perfect in God, no matter what, the eternal freedom that some religious texts speak of can finally be experienced.

2) Discipline is a requirement to be in service to God

A requirement. Discipline is a surrender to High Divine Will. When you surrender and simply OBEY God's Will, your life experience will always look like this:

Right Time.
Right Place.
Right Action.

So effortless and with Grace, can your life be. If only you surrender and Trust the Higher plan of God. Do not attach to things, moments or people. Just EXIST and BE. It can be a glorious way to live for Him.

3) "Go not to any BUT Me"

When there is fear or yearning for meaning,  the place to go is not outside of you or into the thoughts of your mind. But rather go into your heart. The sacred space of the Heart is where you will find that which you seek. And what you seek is always Him.  

The real everlasting peace you seek is in God. 

The eternal freedom you seek is in God. 

The real joy and love you seek is in God. 

Go not to anyone but Him. Go into your heart and seek Him there. 

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