October 18, 2015

Metaphysical MAGIC in "Guardian of Auzeria"!

Would you like to read a beautifully written novel infused with metaphysical magic?

Well, I found just the one and I know you will LOVE IT! It’s called Guardian of Auzeria by Jennifer Swenson.

A few times while reading this book, I felt energy transmissions from it like one might while undergoing an energy healing session. This is no surprise since the Author felt the unfolding of this book was guided by her healing CRYSTALS.

Everything is energy including books and I wholeheartedly recommend this read if you feel any calling for it inside your heart. This book is certainly a must-read book for Crystal lovers and those interested in ancient Lemuria or Atlantis.

What brings this book to life is the main character and her battle to figure out who she really is and who she is meant to be. I was hooked by page three! In this book, you will find a truly riveting storyline with personal lessons that we all can gain value from.

I loved it so much that I contacted the author to ask her questions about how she came to write this book. Here’s what she had to say:

Renee Li: Guardian of Auzeria had great life lessons in there but it was also wonderfully written and entertaining like a movie. I wonder which came first for you; your love for writing or your love for Crystals and the metaphysical?

Jennifer Swenson: I believe it was my love for writing that came first. I remember getting awards for writing books in grade school and things like that but my actual love for writing came later in my late teens and young adult life. To me, writing is very therapeutic and a way of healing. I had quite a few journals where I wrote about my feelings, observations and thoughts. I found it a way to express the different parts of myself and be vulnerable in a way without being judged. And although I may go through times where I don't write as often as before, it's something I always go back to. 

Renee Li: The imagery of the Auzerian temple is so beautiful and magical in this book. I could just see it in my mind’s eye. Did your Crystals or Spirit Guides help you in the creation of the temple?

Jennifer Swenson: Thank you! I'd like to think it was a collaboration with my crystals, Spirit Guides and myself, creating the imagery for the Auzerian temple! I'm not one of those people who are clairvoyant or clairaudient and can clearly communicate with their Spirit Guides and crystals. Through faith, I know they are there helping, guiding and giving me signs and messages, somehow. So, I try to rely more on intuition and just trust. 

Renee Li: While writing this book, what was it that you wanted the reader to walk away with?

Jennifer Swenson: While writing this book, I wanted the reader to walk away with many good things such as knowing that no matter what circumstances you face, you have a choice on what path to take. But most of all, as cheesy as it may be, I wanted the reader to believe in themselves. To know that they are special just as they are. To trust in their own unique gifts because they do have them. And you don't need to be a Guardian or have superpowers. As Guylan said in the book, "..The sun may not realize all that it does for us and not think it's special from where it is. But you see, all it has to do is shine. And to us, just being what it is, it is special." It can be that simple. All you have to do is be you and just shine! 


You can grab up a copy of Guardian of Auzeria here on Amazon!


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October 9, 2015

You can MANIFEST and HEAL with your Mighty "I AM"

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog. You are a MIGHTY Soul. 

.....How did it make you feel when I just addressed you as "Mighty"?

Well, you are Mighty because you come from the energy of your Mighty I AM as well as the Mighty Creator of All.

Not familiar with the I AM? Join my Facebook group to learn more about it and explore deep Divine mysteries of the Universe.

I've been posting some excerpts from the I AM Discourses about how you can heal your BODY and MANIFEST the life you want with prayers that Ascended Master, St. Germaine, shares with us in his I AM Discourses. Here's a sneak peek at one of those posts: 

Read that prayer in the last paragraph above out loud just once and let me know how it makes you feel!

Hope you will join me in our Divine Truth Seeker Community here. 

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