January 21, 2015

My BIG FAT Name Change

In my end of year email to my subscribers, I was sharing how my Spirit Guides directed me to change many things in 2014 including my business model and MY NAME……and showed me a more expansive life mission that I was to fulfill. So now I want to go into WHY Spirit guided me to change my name and how I felt about it.

It was actually during my time with the Cosmic Christ that I was told it would be in my best interest to change my name. If you haven’t read blog about my Time with the Cosmic Christ, you can do so here. It was an experience of a lifetime!

[ This will be a bit of a long story so if the suspense is killing you, you can go see my new name in the second to last paragraph of this email but do come back and read the full story because I think you will like it and perhaps find some value in it for you. ]

The Cosmic Christ and friends (many were there to support me and show me love) reflected back on the hard time I had in my early life through my young adult life when I felt like I did not belong in this country, America. It was true. I immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five and my feelings living as an Asian American caused me much internal conflict, confusion and anguish. In my college days, I identified with the civil rights movement and a community that called themselves the hyphenated identities.  The anger from the feeling of not belonging in my own country did not dissipate until after I had children in my Thirties.

The Cosmic Christ also said on some level, my soul does not feel like it belongs on Earth all together. This was also true.  Beyond the civil rights movement, I felt much anguish over the human rights abuses that were taking place all over the world, including my homeland of Burma! I was very active in the Burmese democracy movement, was elected Board Member of US Campaign for Burma and worked for the non profit, Human Rights Watch, for a few years. On a soul level, I could not comprehend the amount of hatred that mankind showed each other and it really troubled me (I guess deeper than I realized at a conscious level).

Because of these feelings of not belonging in America and not wanting to be here on Earth, I was told by the Cosmic Christ that I actually am NOT here in this country even though my physical body is and that I should change my name to an American name to get myself back into body and IN AMERICA. This was very important apparently because I was told the work that I need to fulfill in my life has to be done here in the U.S.  but it’s not necessarily the U.S. as we know it on this 3rd dimensional plane. The U.S. sits on the land that is a solar king and holds the light for all creation.  So this is the brief version of why I have to change my name and Americanize it.

During this conversation with the Cosmic Christ, I actually felt drawn to change my WHOLE name including my hyphenated married last name and my middle name. I was energetically ready for this entire name change. In hindsight, I can see I was actually ready for this change all year long. I had already started to un-identify myself with my name Kheng Chow-Li for whatever reason (perhaps it was because I was identifying myself more with “Mommy”). 

In mid-2014, I heard what my Spirit name was (Rising Dragon) plus I heard another name that I later learned from the Cosmic Christ is a name of another aspect of me somewhere else outside of Earth. So given that I have different names for the different aspects of my Spirit not to mention the countless names I had in my numerous past lives on Earth, it was not an issue for me now to take on a new name. If I was given this direction to change name back in 2013, I would have resisted and made many excuses because I was still identifying myself, very much, as Kheng Chow-Li back then (ego and all).

The time NOW is right and I am ready to embrace the sense of belonging, the full sense of purpose and more importantly the sense of freedom that will come with this new name. Is the suspense killing you?

Here it is….I Am Renee Faith Li. The name Renee was offered to me by my Spirit Guides after weeks of trying to find a new name that aligned with my kids’ names and husband’s name from a numerology perspective. I do love my numerology! --- When I did the numbers for Renee, it was a perfect match for everyone in my family. Afterwards, I learned Renee meant reborn and I had to chuckle. Spirit is so clever! As for the middle name, I probably won’t use it much but I picked Faith because I just like it!

From now on, all my emails to you and my name of Facebook and website will read Renee Li. Thank you so much for reading my story and for all your love and support this past year online and offline. I appreciate you and work hard for YOU!

Love and light,

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