November 12, 2014

My "Backstage Spirit" story

Spirit is always working hard behind the scenes to guide us and keep us safe. At times, they will get really creative to get our attention!

Here's a great story I wanted to share. It was during my first pregnancy. One test showed our son had a high risk for down syndrome. I knew the test result was skewed by my anger towards my husband that I  could not shake at the time of blood test. But my doctor and husband were worried and we got sent to Genetic Counseling so we can basically decide if we wanted to abort. Despite being taken on an unnecessary emotional ride during counseling, I knew deep down that our son was perfectly healthy. I just had to coach my husband's thought pattern so that he didn't downward spiral into accepting it as truth and bring me down with him. All the while this is going on, I had a very old email from years prior keep popping up as unread in my inbox. No matter how many times I marked it as read, this email from 2008 (current year was 2011) kept reappearing as unread each morning for over a month! The email was a short email from an old roommate I had during one of my Goenka meditation retreats. All she had written in that email was "That's what clarity of heart, mind and soul will get you!'.
I took this as Spirit backstage helping me to remember that my thoughts can shift my reality and my son's physical health was fine unless I wavered in my KNOWING of this. This knowing was, indeed, coming from a such deep (and sacred) place in my heart and soul that my mind could never contest it. I stayed faithful to this knowing and the second test showed less risk for down syndrome. Months later, my son was born healthy without any complications. Thank God for Spirit backstage!
Here's another similar story. Recently, a lady was considering taking Reiki classes. The following day, she saw an old email from me marked as unread in her inbox. She took that as a divine sign and contacted me to register for class. ---- I've heard countless stories like these but they never get old! Sometimes, Spirit has guided me using lyrics from songs playing n my head! I love how Spirit can get so creative backstage guiding our lives.

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