November 12, 2014

Who's on your Team of Spirit Helpers

You may have read in my bio that I have a team of Spirit helpers that I work with daily. 

Some of my Guides include my deceased Shaman Grandfather, the Beloved Quan Yin, a single floating eye named “Irena”, and my power animal Dragon.  Ascended Master, St. Germaine has recently started working with me this year as I have fully aligned with my life purpose.

So those are my Guides. But did you know that YOU also have a team of Spirit helpers working for you?

Here’s what YOUR TEAM of Spirit helpers might look like:

(1)    Personal Angels:

Everyone has at least two personal Angels that have been assigned to them at birth. Some people may have more. These personal Angels will stay with you for the duration of your lifetime helping and guiding you. They know your life path and the lessons you have chosen to learn and will help you stay on track by aligning with the goals you, yourself, set before incarnating into this life.

(2)    Power Animal: 

Your Power Animal acts similar to a guardian Angel by protecting and guiding you. The animal’s strengths and wisdom will usually be reflected in your own character. Power Animals can be mammals, reptiles, insects, sea creatures or mythical animals like unicorn and dragon. Some people say if you had a favorite animal growing up, that animal is usually your Power Animal. However, it is possible for your Power Animal to change in your lifetime.

(3)    Spirit Guides that have contracts with you:

You may have other Spirit Guides that you have selected before birth to help you at certain points in your life. These Guides will come to you for just that part of your life and then leave you when your work together is done. 

(4)    Called upon Spirit Guides:

If you felt guided to call on Archangels or Ascended Masters, like St. Germaine or Quan Yin, for specific purposes, then they will come and be your Guide for however long you call on them.

(5)    Deceased loved ones:

If you had a strong connection with a deceased loved one before they passed, it is very possible for them to stay with you and guide you from the other side.  

You can connect with your team of Spirit helpers in many different ways. The most common and simplest way is to talk to them through prayer and ask them for the help and guidance that you seek.  While prayer is simple and easy, it is extremely powerful! The prayer in thought form creates one level of vibration. When you speak it out loud, it adds another layer of vibration further energizing the prayer request or intent. This vibration is put out into the universe and the Universe gets to work matching you up with other people, things or situations that are in alignment with the fulfillment of your prayer. Now, if you have a group of people praying for the same thing, the group energy magnifies the request or intent and can manifest very quickly. That’s when miracles show up!

Have you experienced your Spirit helpers?  Do you know how many you have or what their names are? Come tell me over at Facebook!

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