December 4, 2014

4 Steps to Healing at the Speed of God

The hidden power of “OM"  

I am pretty sure all of you have heard of sound healing at this point. But do you understand how sound can be healing? And what happens when we incorporate conscious intent or prayer during sound healing?

Well,… I'm going to tell you from first-hand experiences how sound healing coupled with prayer can create major shifts in your energy field instantaneously! But first, what is sound and why does it heal? Sound is simply vibration and we are all vibrational beings.

{ Vibration = Sound = Energy } = Everything in the Universe

Modern science has proven that we are all vibrational beings. Everything at a sub-atomic level is moving all the time. The Hindu tradition has taught us that all of life is vibration and the vibration or sound of the universe/God is "OM" (sometimes spelled “Aum”). So when you are chanting OM, you are aligning your energetic field (your whole being) with the sound of the Universe…with God. Being aligned to God in this way, gives you infinite access to God’s healing waves of sound rippling right back to you!

Now, here’s my first amazing story for you. One time, during my OM chanting,…about 10-15 minutes into it, I started to realize that I really wanted to just scream instead of OMing. After a few minutes of actively refraining from screaming, I surrendered and I allowed my “OMs” to change in tone and length slowly until it naturally became almost a screeching scream. I was in disbelief as I heard my own scream but it felt like such a good release, I didn’t stop. Afterwards, I had the big realization that I had been suppressing a fear/threat that I felt in regards to recent situation in my life. Now, in general, awareness of such emotions is the first step towards healing but the scream that came out of me here gave me both awareness AND release at the same time. Now, that’s HEALING AT THE SPEED OF GOD!

Another time that I was about 10 minutes into my OM chanting, I was thinking I really wanted Archangel Michael to cut my Karmic ties with this person in my life. Very soon after I had this thought, I had huge waves of shivers throughout my whole body for probably a whole minute…and I mean body jumping shivers for a WHOLE minute! After my body settled down, I just had a knowing that Archangel Michael had performed his magic and my prayer was answered.

So my conclusion here is this: (1) Clearly, chanting OM is powerful in itself and (2) When you use conscious intent or prayer with “OM”, you will receive rapid healing or manifestation. Try it out.

Step 1 – Start chanting OM for about ten minutes

Step 2 – Think a prayer in your mind or daydream about what you wish to manifest while OM-ing

Step 3 – Surrender to the power of OM and allow your body to experience whatever comes its way and/or observe what thoughts come to mind after your prayer

Step 4 – Extend gratitude to the Universe and God for providing you with your Highest good now and always

Blessings to you!


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