December 11, 2014

My time with the Cosmic Christ

This week has been tremendously deeply emotional in an uplifting and expanding way.  I went to a group gathering offered by Christine Kennedy who is a conscious channel for the Cosmic Christ. A conscious channel is unlike a trance channel where she is fully aware and awake while the Cosmic Christ speaks through her. She also has the wonderful gift of light song which heals. I attended the group gathering and had an individual session with her a few days later.

I actually don’t know what I want to write or how I want to share right now because there was so much experienced on so many levels that I am still trying to wrap my head around it all (but my heart is, of course, calm and complete).  Despite not feeling like I can finely articulate the depth of my experience, I just felt like I needed to offer you an opportunity to hear about it.  

When I entered the room where the gathering was held, I had arrived late so I proceeded right to an empty seat in the back. Even though it was my first time in this volunteer’s home, the way I navigated to my seat and how I felt right away about the space was just so natural and familiar. It was like I had been there before minus the dejavu feeling. Christine spoke about how the room was not really the room that we see with our physical eyes but rather we were sitting in the universal cosmic chamber of the heart; temple like and circular in shape. She then brought in the Cosmic Christ energy and the Presence that is God.

I recognized this chamber in the depths of my Being and felt like I had come Home.

This experience was more than the healing we tend to yearn for in our 3D earthly life. It was more than physical, emotional, mental healing. This was a healing in the context of our entire existence across time and space. A healing we might have asked for 5,000 years ago in another life on another planet or a healing one aspect of ourselves needs on another dimension. It was a healing for the Highest of the Highest good. This bigger picture may be hard for some to fully grasp but indeed it is Truth. We are way way WAAAY MORE than our container (physical body) and what our current memory allows us to remember.

Beyond the healing and the gifts received during this time from the Cosmic Christ and Divine Mother and Father, I am still in awe of how much of a HOMECOMING this felt like for me. This Homecoming experience was so deeply felt that any little tiny bit of doubt that might have existed in any tiny cells in my being has been obliterated. As I continue to stay open to living out this life on Earth, my purpose in life is even more crystal clear and laser focused and my goals for myself expand beyond the upcoming ascension.

I am so deeply thankful for the endless love stream that I felt from Mother Earth, the Guardian of Earth, the Cosmic Christ, God himself, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and all other Angels that were present for me during this experience.  It is so humbling to know you are so loved. While a part of me just wants to go Home (and some of you may feel the same during these days of ascension), I know what my job is on Earth and love from above sustains me and encourages me to commit to fulfilling my work for the greater good of ALL BEINGS EVERYWHERE. The work that we do on Earth is not limited to impact just those on Earth. For example, if you happen to be guided to write a book on Spirituality but it does not do well with sales here on Earth, please know that it probably had a deep impact for those outside of Earth. Continue to always do as you are Guided and you can never be wrong!

I do want to point you to Christine Kennedy’s website if you are so guided to visit and have a group gathering experience for yourself. These group gatherings are happening in U.S. and Canada and are limited. I believe May 2015 is the last of the group gatherings and then Christine will await for her new instructions from the Cosmic Christ. If you are able to and if your heart calls for it, you should consider it. Christine Kennedy’s website is

I had found her through the website which I found through reading my favorite book Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones. I wish you many blessings on your way Home.


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