July 27, 2015

“That really left a mark on me!”

When you think back on a hard experience in your life, like heartbreak, a sudden death of a loved one or other traumatic experience, do you say to yourself..."boy, that really left a mark on me"? Well, you are intuitively correct! 

The mark that was left by your difficult experience is an emotional imprint in your cellular memory. You also intuitively know that over time, this "mark" on you can become a tough road block to experiencing peace in that area of your life. This road block is essentially your emotional imprint turned energetic block which filters out the flow of Chi into your body and can even lead to physical issues when not resolved.

Emotional imprints from the past absolutely effect your present and future because of the law of attraction. What you hold in your energy field is what you are attracting into your life. So when you hold fear, anger, worry, in your heart (emotional body) you are attracting people and life situations that will offer you more of the same.  

In order to cultivate a deep and longlasting peace in your life, the emotional pain of the past must be released. One way to do so is to send love to yourself at the time of the original life experience when you created the emotional imprint. For example, if you experienced a death of a parent at a young age, you can visualize yourself at that age and tell young self "you are safe. You are loved. All is well." This visualization and self-love method is extremely effective because there is no past, present and future. There is only the Now moment.

The string theory in quantum physics explains this thoroughly and it's a bit like parallel dimensions where everything is happening all at once. Your past lives are actually not in the past. It's all happening right now. So given this, you can see how sending love to your 3 year old self is effective. Your three year old self IS actually receiving the love that he/she desperately needed at the time of the traumatic experience. Doing this heals your younger self AND heals you in the Now as well because it is all a part of You.

I hope this short blog post was of value to you on your healing journey. If you are interested in learning more about how emotional imprints are created, how they turn into emotional blocks and how to release them once and for all, you can check out my book Peace of the heart available on amazon here.

Wishing you healing light and profound peace,


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