July 2, 2015

The 'Hear' in Heart

Today, I am offering a beautiful guest blog post from Andrea Rae, founder of Alinga Sky. This post on, what she calls, heart writing is crucial for not only self-awareness and emotional healing but clearing the throat chakra as well. The benefits of such a process can be profound offering much healing, freedom and peace. I hope you enjoy reading it and if you are called to do so, contact Andrea for some intuitive heart coaching!

The 'Hear' in the Heart

by Andrea Rae 

Are you listening to your heart more? Are you listening to the inner whispers? Can you hear the voice, or is there a sense that the inner voice is still hiding? Have you asked that inner part why it is hiding?
Heart writing connects us deeply with this inner world, a world in which we are reconnected with many parts of ourselves that have not been out in the world for a long time. Some parts are not meant to be ‘out in the world’ as such, but others, our deep creative urges, or the seven year old who used to love to write in her diary, or the teenager who yearned to break out of academic purgatory and express herself or himself with big bold creative strokes, desire strongly to be seen, acknowledged and heard..
Sometimes the parts that seem to be very dark, angry or sad parts, will shift dramatically when we, our adult selves, connect with them, honor their feelings, honor their thoughts and ideas, honor their awesomeness!! Approach yourself with wonder and curiosity, compassion and acceptance.
We are complex. We are made up of many parts. When we develop a practice of heart writing we are reunited with many dynamic and powerful parts of ourselves.
Who have you been reunited with? Who, within you, is trying to speak to you? I’d love to hear more.

About Andrea Rae
Andrea is an intuitive heart coach who helps you connect to your intuitive-heart, transform old crap, let go of the past, and reconnect your creative self and the truth of what you want in this life. You can visit her website at and grab her FREE heart balancing kit.

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