November 20, 2008

We as Creators...

Many of you may have seen the movie "The Secret" or read the book by now. But for those of you who haven't yet, The Secret talks about law of attraction and how we have the power to attract or create our dreams into reality. This is true. We have the ability to attract only positive life situations and love into our lives. We can do this with our thoughts and our spoken words. Think about it...

When you tell yourself that you cannot do something, you are usually right which allows you to say "See, I knew I couldn't do it" --- that's if you attempt it at all. As human beings, we always want to prove ourselves right so whatever we say out loud or even to ourselves internally, we work to prove that statement to be correct. In other words, what you say - will be so.

Now, when you tell yourself that you CAN do it (whatever "it" may be), you most likely always
accomplish the task. If you set your mind to a goal and consistently reinforce it with positive thinking, you will reach that goal. The key here is to consistently maintain positive thinking.

For example, if you say that you want the perfect man in your life but deep down you believe that all men are dogs, that contradiction in yourself will not allow your perfect man to enter your life. The negative thought overrides the asking for something positive. The negative thought will attract more negative, leaving you single.

Take notice of what is happening in your life right now. Some of you may find negative aspects to your life and do not feel very happy. The first step to changing this around is to try and understand how your thoughts might have created these negative situtations. Find out what contradictory/negative statements you are making up in your head and change it by putting a positive spin on it. This is the power you have.

Think of this world/life as energy and science for a minute. When you are miserable and put off negative vibes, you will only attract other miserable or negative people. This way, both of you can prove each other right and get to say "See, I am right, life sucks". But if you are putting off a positive vibration, you can ONLY attract other positive vibration. This is the law of atraction.

Regain control of your life by monitoring your thoughts and spoken words. We tend to point the finger and blame others for our misery and unhapiness but the solution is to look INTO ourselves in order to change what is happening on the outside.

Speak with love and watch it come into your life three-fold.

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