November 28, 2008

Ego Play during Holidays

Thanksgiving and the holiday season usually means big family gatherings. It's a time to appreciate one another and be thankful for the ones we love. But for some of us, as much we love family, there may be some quirks and things that we do not enjoy about our relatives.

This was true in my case. While I enjoyed my Thanksgiving Day, I found myself talking about the negative traits of my relatives after they had all gone. Although I see the beautiful loving and perfect side to them, I still made an effort to bring the focus on their faults. Honestly, underneath it all, it felt good to highlight their faults on some level (because it made me look like the only normal family member) but it also felt bad to talk about them like that at the same time. What I didn't understand last night was that I strengthen my ego when I focus on other people's faults.

I ended up falsely identifying them with their faults when that is not who they really are inside. It's a bit of judgement and a lot of ego to focus on other people's faults. Instead of embracing only love, I was embracing my ego by pointing the finger at other people. This practice or activating of the ego only invites other people's egos to come into play. The next thing you know, our lives are run by the egoic mind (need to be right/look good and need to win) rather than the natural Love that flows through us.

When ego is at play, all types of emotions can arise such as hurt, anger, jealousy, insecurity, and pride. In order to avoid these useless emotions that would only drain our energy and focus us away from who we all really are and our purpose in life, we must remember to observe, speak and act out of love.

As we move towards Christmas and also in the new year, I intend to embrace only love and see all the people around me for the Being that they are -- God created, perfect, loving and lovable people. I invite you to do the same.

No matter what situations occur or what the conversation is, I will (a) observe, (b) listen and (c) speak/act from unconditional love.

Practice makes perfect.

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  1. Honest, insightful and provocative.

    Cheers! - Jason Connolly