November 22, 2008

Concrete examples of law of attraction

I wanted to expand on my earlier post about law of attraction and give some more concrete examples of how you attract what you put off.

Example 1 - Sales Person
In order to be a sucessful sales person, wether it's selling a product or selling yourself as an artist, you have to first be enrollable. This means, allow yourself to be sold on other products or services. When you are enrollable yourself, you can enroll others easily. Your energy attracts others with the same energy.

Example 2 - Fundraiser (or just someone who needs to acquire money)
In order to receive the funds that you want, you have to be a giver first. When your hand is open to give away money for charity, that hand is also in the receiving position. If your hand is closed tight because you are afraid to give away money, then your hand is a position where you cannot receive any money. The giving spirit or energy will attract other people who have similar energy that will want to provide for you.

Example 3 - Lover
In order to receive love in your life, you have to first love yourself and others. If you do not love yourself or hold hatred or anger for others, no loving person can ever be attracted to you. Only another hateful and angry person will walk into your life because you guys compliment each other. So learn to love yourself and show love to everyone in your life (including your pets) and see the beautiful love that you deserve flow into your life.

Remember that positive energy attracts positive energy and that negative energy attracts negative energy. In other words, BE that which you want in your life.

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