November 18, 2008

Recognizing and getting over the ego

The biggest hurdle in life is our own egoic mind.

Our egos have a need to always be right -- even when we are wrong. Sometimes our ego wants us to believe that we are better than others and creates an insatiable desire for material things, money, and power (title/position). At all times, the ego would like us to believe that we are someone other than who we really are. This false identity is never better than our actual Being and can make us very miserable.

When the ego is in charge of the mind, it is very difficult for one to be in a loving space because there is judgement involved. Note that this judgement is not a true reflection of the person being judged but rather a reflection of the state of mind of the person making the judgment. When the ego is allowed to run ones life, this leaves no room for love. Only temporary happiness can result from such ego-based decisions.

In order to get over this hurdle, one must first recognize the ego for what it is and become aware of it as it starts to creep in to the mind. The key is to be quick and catch it before it makes a rash decision for you. This takes practice as with anything else.

Have you ever felt like you are on auto pilot sometimes when reacting to certain life situations, only to end up regretting it later on? Then the choice to react that way was most likely made by your ego and not love. Practice catching yourself when you get angry, sad, or jealous. When you do this, you get a chance to CHOOSE to let go of the ego (or that emotion) and CHOOSE to react to the situation at hand with love. This "catching of the ego" provides a brief window for your Self (the real you who only knows love) to come through and shuts down the auto pilot mode.

When a decision is based in love, the only result can be love.

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