September 24, 2015

Healing Hazelwood

Clearly, by now, you know I am all about natural healing methods and love sharing them with you!. 

I met Hannah Cairns through a professional circle and I was really intrigued by her claim that her Hazelwood necklaces healed skin conditions such as eczema and can possibly help soothe a teething baby. Since I was so drawn to it and wanted to explore it some more, I asked her if I could ask her some questions. Here is my interview with her below. You can check out her website and shop where she sells these amazing Hazelwood necklaces and more.

RENEE: I think it’s amazing that Hazelwood can help with teething. Having two toddlers of my own, with my youngest whose molars have yet to come out, I am very interested in anything that alleviates baby teething pain. Did you use Hazelwood with your children and what was your personal experience of it with teething?

HANNAH: After having my first child Fintan, who is now age 7, I became very aware and conscious of what I was putting in and on my body, and his. I began reading and researching everything I could about natural, gentle skincare products, organic food, alternative healthcare and so on. As a Registered Nurse, I was very comfortable with using pharmaceuticals for pain and illness, and when he began teething and had no issues with giving Calpol for his pain. However, it did seem that he was needing it rather a lot which concerned me, especially when I read that there was a possible link between increased asthma rates in children and regular Paracetamol (Tylenol I think in the US?). A friend was using a homeopathic teething remedy, which I tried, and it helped. Then I read on a natural parenting forum about Baltic Amber, so I bought him an Amber necklace online and was amazed by the difference it made. He was calmer, drooled less, and seemed much happier. I eventually began making my own, combined with crystals, and as always continued my research into natural products.

Hazelwood is also believed to help with teething, and was used by the Indigenous people of Quebec around the necks of their babies as a teething aid. I have been using Hazelwood on my daughter since she developed ezcema (which it helped), and she is teething at the moment. Her nappies are fine, and no drool, she wakes up a little more often than normal to nurse, but apart from that is dealing with it very well. I have never needed to use pharmaceutical medication for her (although if she injured herself, or was in pain I would never hesitate to do so).

RENEE: How did you come to learn about Hazelwood?

HANNAH: I came across Hazelwood on the internet, and read that it was helpful for skin issues such as ezcema, digestion issues such as reflux/heartburn and constipation, and thought that this would complement my Amber and Crystal products perfectly, so I ordered some from Canada. At this time my understanding was that Hazelwood is an alkaline wood, wearing it against the body helped neutralize some of the acidity in the body, and if the wearer's symptoms were caused by acidity then the Hazelwood would help.

RENEE: You call Hazelwood an alkaline wood. Can you speak a little bit more about the meaning alkaline and how it benefits the physical body?

HANNAH: I knew from my avid health and nutrition reading that the body's pH needed to be slightly alkaline in order for it to maintain optimum health and a strong immune system. Also that there may be a link between an acidic diet and common yeast infections. I also knew that there was much contradictory talk about this subject, and I always choose to believe what I see and hear in real life over any expert's view. I have since read that some research has been carried out on Hazelwood, which has found that it has an anti-oxidant effect which could explain it's properties.

When my third son Phoenix developed what appeared to be ezcema, I was very excited to make him a Hazelwood necklace. After about a week it had completely cleared. My husband Andy had a recurrent rash since we had moved to Cornwall (a very damp and humid corner of the UK). Nothing had helped, and so again I made him a Hazelwood necklace, which cleared his rash. A few months later, it returned, and we realised that the Hazelwood had blackened, which meant it was no longer effective. I made him a new one and again his skin cleared.

What’s some of the positive feedback that you received from customers who purchase your Hazelwood necklaces?

HANNAH: I have made many many Hazelwood necklaces and anklets since, and received an incredible amount of positive feedback. Most recently on my timeline a customer wrote: "My 2 little ones have been wearing Hazelwood anklets made by you for about 6 weeks! I really wish I had taken before & after pics of my daughters eczema, I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen the improvement with my own eyes, thank you so much"

About Hannah Cairns:


Hannah Cairns is a mother of four beautiful energetic souls, a Certified Crystal Healer and student of life. She loves learning about everything especially natural health, healing, angels and the metaphysical world. As the owner of Iris Bluebird, she makes beautiful jewelry from Baltic Amber, Crystals and Hazelwood, and infuses it with love and positive energy. Visit her website and shop at

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