March 22, 2015

Staying happy at all costs!

Esther and Abraham Hicks says "Focus on what you want and what feels good every minute of every day". 

This is important to remember the Universe we live in is absolutely a "YES" Universe. Through the law of attraction, the Universe practices equanimity. It does not judge one human desire as good or bad. Desire is desire...the good or bad is a distinction only made in human minds. The Universe cannot tell what you really can only do its work based on the vibration you put out. If you say you want to meet a great guy to marry but deep down you believe that all men are dogs, the Universe will give you the vibrational match to your exact vibrational output. Meaning since you believe all men are dogs, you will keep attracting men who are dogs.

The law of attraction is a simple law much like the law of gravity. Gravity is also equanimous. It does not judge a table or feather as heavy or light. Gravity sees everything as equal and will hold them down in equal manner.

Now, given that you understand the law of attraction in this way, it might be clear that you would want to manage your vibration more closely and re-evaluate your current beliefs to see what vibrational signal you are sending the Universe. 

When you vibrate at the level of anger, fear, guilt, worry OR you expect life to be hard and believe it's difficult to make money, you will only attract more things, people, and situations that will bring you more of the same!...more anger, fear, guilt, worry, difficulty finding money, etc.

If you vibrate at the level of laughter, joy, contentment, gratitude, OR believe that you are always lucky and love is all around you...the Universe will bring you things, people and situations that will give you more of the same!...more laughter, joy, contentment, blessings, and love. 

The choice and power is always yours!

The quote I started this email with was a powerful reminder for me so I printed it out on paper and put it up throughout my home. But every time I would try to read it, I kept hearing another phrase in my head which was "Stay happy at all costs". That's certainly another way to look at it and a great way to put it. 

Manage your vibration closely and stay happy at all costs! That's the way to live and navigate in the vibrational reality we exist in. 

Hands in prayer, Namaste!

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