February 25, 2015

Seeking Perfection vs. Awareness

Today, I just want to remind you that it’s all about AWARENESS…not perfection.  Don’t get discouraged along your spiritual path when new issues come up for healing. It’s all a part of the process and it really means that you are doing good work when you get opportunities to heal new areas that you didn’t realize needed healing.  It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion.

So don’t seek perfection, just seek awareness. Be aware of your habits, your fears, observe how life is at work all around you, and be aware of your autopilot (how you react automatically and immediately when you buttons are pushed).  Your meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices all help you to cultivate awareness.

Another way to say awareness is mindfulness…it’s one and the same.

Always observe yourself so that you don’t get swept away by emotions and drama. BE THE OBSERVER of your life. Through the practice of awareness or mindfulness, you slowly train yourself to PAUSE your autopilot and offer yourself the freedom to choose to be in your ego or your heart. This is how you stay centered, grounded and at peace.

Combine awareness with your commitment to self-healing and you become a powerhouse on the road to self-ascension!!  Happy observing! 


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