March 10, 2009

A Crossing

...and life continues to open up for me...

I was born into a devout buddhist family in Rangoon, Burma. Buddha was my first teacher. Before I could speak, my parents taught me how to bow three times and show respect to the Buddha. Throughout my youth and teenage years, I remained a faithful follower to Buddha's wisdom and dhamma. Since the passing of a boyfriend three years ago, I have since opened up my spiritual outlook to what many now call "New Age" spirituality. This became a platform for me to realize the truth about life. I learned the significance of love and the simplicity of life. To live is to love. To experience love is to live.

Although I still practice buddhist meditation and believe in buddha's wisdom, in recent months, I have felt the urge to attend a christian church service. The reactions of both my buddhist friends and my christian friends have been interesting. =)

I sometimes get the sense that my buddhist friends are scared I might convert and my christian friends are happy at the thought that I might be "saved". All of this makes me chuckle a bit, I can't lie. I think it's so silly for both sides to feel the way they do and here is why...

There's only one god, one love, one man, one life -- regardless of whether we look through the filter of a church stained glass window or through the leaves from underneath the bodhi tree*.

Love is love, right? There's no two ways to slice it. There's only one mankind - one humanity. And we all live and share this one life. Yes? Similarly, I believe there's only one God.

Human ego can divide mankind as much it wants with numerous religions/sects, etc. but the ultimate truth is we all came from one source and we will all go back to the same source when we pass away from this life. Truth is truth regardless of label. Love is the path to get to this truth.

So my hope is that my friends will not put too much significance into the particular spiritual path I choose but rather be happy that I am journeying forward with open mind. After all, they are all just different paths to get to the same place. In the meantime, I will still keep up my buddhist altar, listen to my
angel therapy and Hay House radio, try to live the way Buddha taught us to live (free from suffering) and still attend church.

Embrace Only Love.

*Buddha reached enlightenment while meditating underneath the Bodhi Tree in India.

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